History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

It was back before the time of the automobile when Pinette Funeral Home came into existence in 1912. The founder, Mr. Napoleon Pinette was brought up as woodsman and became associated with F.X. Marcotte Furniture and Undertaking working as a furniture mover and livery worker that gradually became a full time undertaker purchasing the Undertaking business charter from FX Marcotte in 1912.In 1925, Mr. Pinette went into a new phase of undertaking called the funeral home. Before wakes had been in the individual homes of families and with the development of the apartment and tenement housing it became impractical. So the first Pinette Funeral Home was located on 413 Lisbon St. which was located on the Main Trolley Line that traveled all corners of the twin cities. This location proved successful at the time because new families from Canada could find the funeral home because trolleys had to pass there on their way to the car barn.As the city expanded the 413 Lisbon Street location was sold and in 1940 Napoleon Pinette purchased 87 Bartlett Street which was our main office until 2006. 

In 1964, the Pinette Funeral Chapel was built to accommodate those families that had moved from the inner city to the suburbs of Lewiston and Auburn.

In 1986, Raoul Pinette, a former past president of the National Funeral Directors Association sold his funeral business to James and Kevin Lynch on June 2, 1986. It was Kevin who began in 1979 with Mr. Pinette as an apprentice and it was James who followed Kevin on a part time basis until the two brothers attended the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science graduating in 1982. During those years under the Lynch Brothers ownership they developed a close relationship with the Dillingham & Son Memorial Chapel which had been founded by a civil war veteran Charles K. Dillingham in 1871.From 1871 to 1996 the Dillingham & Son Memorial Chapel was owned 125 years by the same family until Kevin and James bought from Charles’s great grandson, John H. Dillingham on June 19, 1996. Today John’s son, Jack H. Dillingham is still employed at the firm as a staff member continuing in the Dillingham tradition.Today, both funeral firms with long histories of individual family service are still today operated by brothers that recognize the significance of personal service and the responsibility of maintaining sensitive and caring staff with excellent facilities for the betterment of our communities are now merged into one facility at it's new location neighboring the Ramada Inn on 305 Alfred Plourde Parkway in Lewiston. Our new Lewiston funeral home has an interior over 10,000 square feet and 100 car parking has been well received by families in our community for it's ease of access and warm and inviting atmosphere as the newest constructed funeral home in the State. 

Our Valued Staff

James M.  Lynch

James M. Lynch, Licensed Director/Consultant

Kevin F.  Lynch

Kevin F. Lynch, Licensed Director/Consultant

Marc D.  Tremblay

Marc D. Tremblay, Licensed Funeral Service Practitioner

Jack H.  Dillingham

Jack H. Dillingham, Licensed Funeral Attendent

Keith B.  Samson

Keith B. Samson, Licensed Funeral Attendant

Roger P.  Allen

Roger P. Allen, Funeral Service Attendent